William Gadsden

CEO and Co-founder

"I’m thrilled for this opportunity to collaborate with the leading headache center to rethink and address such an important health issue. I love that we’re finding new ways for technology and innovation to help people with headache and migraine improve their lives."


Daniel Adelson

COO and Co-founder

"As a former healthcare investor, I saw firsthand the need for better, more innovative patient care. It’s been so rewarding to be that innovator through Ctrl M Health. I’m proud to help create a company that cares so much about solutions for those living with headache and migraine."


Sabrina Rubin Erdely

Head of Content

"As someone who lives with migraine myself, I’m excited to use my writing skills and creativity to help people like me improve their health, find greater freedom, and reconnect with the things that bring them joy."


Ashish Patil

Head of Product Development

"My role brings together my background in business, design and technology. I’m so glad to create a product that brings approachable, personalized solutions to the headache and migraine community, helping people to regain their confidence and live well."


Caryn Seebach, PsyD

Head of Programs

"As a health psychologist specializing in migraine and chronic pain, Ctrl M Health has been an opportunity to develop an incredible program that brings hope and meaningful change to the millions of people living with headache and migraine."


Tamra Thompson

Head of Customer Engagement

"My background in movement and my health coaching certification has made Ctrl M Health a natural fit. Helping people overcome challenges is my passion. It’s an honor getting to know the headache and migraine community and taking steps forward together."